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The Journal accepts for consideration articles that have not been published previously including on the Internet.

The Journal does not resort to the intermediaries services in the formation of the portfolio, all such offers on behalf of the Journal are false.

No publication fee is charged.

The editorial board of the Journal reviews all materials submitted to the editorial office and corresponding to its subject with the aim of their expert evaluation. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publishing on the subject of the peer-reviewed article over the past 3 years. Reviewing is carried out anonymously. At the editorial board meeting one of the reviewers presents the work and all the reviews received. Other specialists or members of the editorial board get acquainted with the material before the editorial board meeting if the experts’ ratings seriously differ.

On the editorial board meeting a decision to publish or reject the material is made.

The editors send the authors of the submitted materials the summarised opinion of the editorial board compiled on the basis of the received reviews or a reasoned refusal.

If the material is not rejected but comments, that are to be worked out, are made, after the author completes the work, the material is reviewed at the editorial board meeting again. Reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years.

In particularly difficult and controversial cases the author is invited to present his work for discussion at the Journal's Roundtable (meetings are held monthly). In this case the work is sending to specialists in the field (from 15 to 25 researchers), the written text read by each participant is discussed at the Round Table meeting.

The editorial staff submits copies of reviews to the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science upon an appropriate request.

Preparation of manuscripts

Please prepare your manuscript according to the instructions below:

  1. Paper of up to one author's sheet is submitted electronically. Manuscripts should be typed in the Microsoft Word (doc or docx) font Times New Roman type size 14 points, in a half-spacing. References to the sources, as well as text notes are made as footnotes.
  2. The references are made according to the model [Ivanov, p. 3-23]. To specify the several works by the same writer the author must add a year of publication to the reference [Ivanov 1999, p. 3-23]. References are listed at the end of the text under the headline Bibliography. DOI articles are listed.
  3. The quotations in the text requiring the use of special fonts should be provided by the author, as well as the pdf-version of the text.
  4. Papers should also be accompanied by the brief information about the author in Russian and in English (name and surname in full, degrees and qualifications, the author's position, institution, email); an article title in English; , ; an abstract, which summarizes the paper in less than 600 character and from five to seven keywords in Russian and in English.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Editorial Board

E-mail: drevnyayarus@gmail.com