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Published quarterly since 2000 «Old Russia. The Questions of Middle Ages» (The publisher is The scholarly publishing centre «Indrik» specialized in humanities academic literature) became the leading cross-disciplinary journal covers the field of Old Russia Medieval Studies in history, linguistics, literature, philosophy and art. The founder of the journal is the Institute of Slavic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences).

Today there are 25 leading medievalists from Russia and 5 famous foreign scholars (Canada, Italy, Germany, Ukraine) in the editorial team. «Old Russia. The Questions of Middle Ages» is on the list of the leading peer-reviewed academic journals and editions to publish the results of advanced research for the master’s thesis and PhD. The high level of the requirements for publication is secured by a two-tier system of examination: the works are peer-reviewed by the members of the editorial board or the invited experts and after that they are considered by the editorial board. The papers for publication are discussed at the roundtables which held monthly. Over 90% of the authors have academic degrees, over 50% are PhDs. About half of the authors are the workers of the Academic Institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences. The journal publishes the works by Russian scholars and contributors worldwide from Belarus, Belgium Bulgaria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.

The journal «Old Russia. The Questions of Middle Ages» is distributed by subscription (the index in the catalog of «Rospechat» is 80477) in Russia and CIS and also comes in the retail sale. Libraries, academic organizations, universities, museums and others are among the subscribers of the journal. The journal is received by the Pontifical libraries at the Universities of Rome and Toronto, the National Library of Congress (United States of America) and other academic institutions of Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ukraine.

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